Waterfront Center Excellence on the Waterfront Awards

Searchable Database

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The search engine stores information in the following categories: Award Year, Award Category,
Project Type, Project Name, Award City, Award State, Award Country, Entrants Names, Award
Organization, Organization Website, Contact Name, Contact Address, Contact Phone, Contact E-Mail,
Project Description, Jury Comments. You can enter a search in any of these categories. If you enter
2011 for example you will see a list of all the awards granted in that year. Click on the award name
of one of the projects and you will see all the information, including images, about that project.
If you entered a country, Korea for example, you will see all the awards granted for that country.


The search engine also scans the text of the project description and jury comments so if you search
for park for example you will see not only the projects categorized as parks but also those that have
the word park in their project description or jury comments. To view only those projects categorized as
Park awards click on those projects labeled Park in the Award Category column.